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Two new projects

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  • Two new projects

    Wanted to post some pictures of the latest projects for my home shop.

    The welding cart holds my Diversion 165, Millermatic 211 and an old Miller stick machine. I added some tubes for tig rod as well as wiring all three units to a central box resulting in one power lead for all three.

    The table turned out to be a little more complicated than I originally planned, but the intent was to make it as compact as possible when not in use. The top is 30 X 38. Started out as 3/4" thick. Was then stress relieved and blanchard ground to .010 flat over all. Enables it to be used for some fairly precision work. Added a pattern of 1/2" threaded holes for clamping. Also added four drawers for supply storage. The two collapsing legs make it real stable when extended, but allow it to be very compact when retracted.
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    very nice, what did the blanchard grinding run you?. Any plans to plug the holes when not in use to keep them clean?
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      pretty nice table. can you leave the table angle a bit? may make it nice for sit down work.

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        handy looks good.


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          The total cost of the plate including stress relieving and grinding was $400.

          The tapped holes in the plate are counter bored and I've made aluminum plugs that slip in to protect the threads.


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            Welding Cart

            Hey Jime 46,

            The cart looks very nice. Always nice to roll it all to the job. Makes building things fun when you have it all set up right. Nice job again.