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    Save your tail lights, weld some cages around them.

    Here is a bad picture of what I put around mine. They were especially needed on my firewood hauling trailer. I got real tired of putting new lights on it every other year or so because a piece of wood fell on one.

    Also, Ford Tractor Blue is an almost exact match to Miller Blue. It can be bought at any farm store such as Rural King and Tractor Supply.
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      I really like the trailer. Very nice job.

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        is the paint oil base and did
        you spray it on


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          hey buddy, what part of the country are you in? those look like Arizona mtns.
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            Glad to see the trailer is almost done is that a 302 miller could not tell well looks real nice. Vernon


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              on here

              i was looking all over the site a couple days ago and found a "pr packet" or something like that. maybe the moderator could point the way. the had a whole pdf about the logo and "what's in a name" and on and on that media sources could easily use Miller's's on here somewhere... if i find it ill post


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                Awsome job!!!

                I can't wait to see the last few pics with everything set up on it! Awsome job!!
                With all that Blue going down the road, I hope Miller gives you at LEAST a t-shirt (Polo shirt would be nice) for being such a big Miller fan!!!!!
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                  Great pics and nice work...about how many hours did it take you from start to finish? I am looking at doing my soon but I am not sure how long it would take? thanks
                  Chef Michael