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Flux Cored set up

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  • Flux Cored set up

    I recently purchased an LN 25 suitcase I plan on running it off of my Goldstar 452. I would like to run self shielding wire, but I am a little confused on setup should I weld electrode negitive or positive?

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    Self shielding gasless flux core runs electrode negative ground positive.
    Gas shielded flux core runs electrode positive ground neg...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      straight polarity for flux cored. your 211 wires such as 045 and 062 are good for 1 pass only. great for handrail and small stuff. if you want to use multiple passes and high speed id use lincoln nr232 wire in 072 size at between 25-30 volts. this is a very fast freeze wire and you will smoke a stick welder. i can outweld 5 guys with it. also leaves a strong weld.


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        Thanks for the replies. I am new to welding with wire feeder and still learning the ins and outs.