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  • Miller tig gloves

    Finally got to try a pair of Millers tig gloves and I really like them. A bit pricey but any good gloves are. Couple guys here have the Mig gloves, they look nice too. Only thing I've heard is the biggest size is xtra large. They just fit. Might want to make one size larger for some guys. Of course I cut the thumb on mine first day, wouldn't it figure and don't even know how I did it. Still usable not all the way through.
    HMW [Heavy Metal welding]

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    The pair of Miller Tig gloves I have wore out pretty quick. I really liked the fit and feel of them but within the first day I had already burnt some of the fingers. I'm usually good about keeping TIG gloves in working condition for a couple of months but went thru these really quick. I have used the Miller heavy duty MIG/Stick gloves and they are the best gloves I have ever used, well worth the price. I am still waiting for my local welding store to get some of the new black jackets in stock, seems to be taking for ever.
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      Im hard on gloves too. Ive got a pair of millers and the first day I had 'em I ground a hole in the tip of a finger... Hmm I wonder if I'll get a pin hole tan on that finger....Hmmmm

      Elk skin gloves and goat skin are the most comfy and allow the most dexterity.
      Elk skin deosnt sheild from the heat as well though.. at least thats what my fingers tell me.. The miller gloves are really nice. Ive done tig's where im almost out of filler rod, the gloves are smoking (and stink) and I dont feel anymore that a warm spot... ever seen the finger of an old guy who smokes home rolled cigs? thats what my gloves look like at the finger tips..Hahahahahahaha!!!!
      Will it weld? I loooove electricity!

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        Miller Heavy Duty MIG Gloves

        I just got a pair of Miller Heavy Duty Mig gloves. I bought size medium, and at first I thought they were too small. They stretched out a bit and now they're perfect. $20 on; no shipping charges or tax; they were shipped from New Jersey to CA in six days.


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          Same place we got ours, except its one day reg UPS for us. I like no shipping, no tax
          HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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            tig gloves

            Hey hmw if you ever get the chance to try on a pair of TILLMAN brand deer skin tig gloves you will want a pair, I get them around her were i live at the weld store and only for about $8-10 dollars and the last for a long time and also give you the flexability you want in a good tig glove.
            So give them a try if you can
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