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    [QUOTE=SignWave;19130]I dunno who's running the Show Kbar, but everytime i drive by City Hall, All I hear is squeaks and whiny noises, and something that sorta sounds like starlings or seagulls I dont know its wierd...

    After a long day at work I can always count on you to bring a smile with a wise remark. Thanks Sign Wave


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      Any ideas for 2x4 galvanized steel framing studs -- besides a shed?

      Originally posted by KBar View Post
      When we get older we pay a guy with a medical degree to give us our high, something wrong with that picture.
      Actually, I was referring to a "home remedy" of the "herbal" and "smokeable" variety


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        Quit yer whinin'

        I don't care where ya are your city government has to work better than the one here in New Awlins, lmao. Just totally inept. Two years and the fire stations and police stations still aren't fixed 'cause we can't figure out how to use the 2 mil Fema gave them to get something done. Can't figure out do one at a time, lol. Sales tax is 9 percent, and I have to pay for the priviledge (wow 5 tries and still misspelled) of collecting the taxes and turning them in. It's better than comedy central.
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