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    Hey everyone
    We are getting ready to start the build on my grandson's mini chopper and I am going to build the fuel tank from scratch and I was wondering if I use galvinised metal if the gasoline will have any effect on it. Well the galvinise start to flake after awhile?


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    Galvanized metal

    I personally would not advise it for a couple of reasons and I try to stay away from it when ever I can.

    1. Zinc fumes are some bad creatures to be messing with.
    2. The zinc will flake and powder when you apply heat, leaving debris in the tank and give off bad fumes
    3. The tank will still rust where the zinc has been burnt off, even after the bad fumes are gone
    4. Unless you have breathing apparatus for the youngin he should not be around while welding galv. because of the bad fumes
    5. breathing the fumes yourself.
    6. Did I mention the fumes are really bad for you.
    7. the need for self etching primer to make paint adhere to the galv.
    8. If i haven't mentioned it yet, zinc fumes are not real good for you or the youngin to be around.

    This is just my opinion and looking out for the youngin. Dave
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      Ditto for me, sheet metal or Alum if at all posible
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        Thanks guys. I will stick with sheet metal sure don't want to hurt my little buddy.

        Thanks again


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          I would use cold rolled sheetmetal.


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            The fumes from zinc are poisonous. Milk is the antidote. I avoid it like the plague. Chewed my partner up one side and down the other just last week for taking a cutting job on it for me to do. Told him it's all yours from now on. It's bad stuff. Aluminum would be cool. Polish it up and it looks almost like chrome.
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              Definately stay away from galvanzed. When I was in welding school, I got cadmium poisoned from the stuff and missed 20 days of school. I thought I was gonna die.


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                Yep I decided to stay away from it. Got some sheet metal but maybe we will switch to alum. I will have to ask my grandson and see which one he would like. I know if we go with alum I will have to brush up on my tig skills on it first or take it into work and use the mm210. I like the idea of making it look like chrome. I will see what he wants to do. Thanks for the info everyone.