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    I prefer an article posted in the resources section. That centralizes the information and makes it a lot easier than searching the message archives. You could (should?) also have a link to a special thread for that article on the message board for people who want to discuss the article.


    I'd like to see an article on liability and E&O insurance. And since every industry has its own specialized insurance carriers, which carriers provide that type of insurance for small welding shops.

    Somebody else already mentioned it, but I think I'd like to see an article on how to arrive at a fair price or hourly rate so you don't go broke.

    Some articles on how-to-start-your-own and how-to-run-your-own tips would be great too.

    Topics like taxes, etc.:

    Since the principles of taxation and employment laws are pretty much the same, you could have an expert to generally discuss federal, state and local taxes, FICA, unemployment, withholdings, employee benefits, etc., that an owner would need to be aware of.

    But since the tax laws keep changing, and tax laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, you could also provide links to the appropriate taxing authorities. I've seen websites that have links to every US state tax department, as well as links to some other major countries. Or maybe separate sections for US and non-US?

    By the way, IRS and SBA both provide a lot of small business resources to US business for free -- in print, PDF or CD/DVD. They also provide classes and workshops, both online and locally.
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      I agree with SSS, Real life stories are great if people would like to share. I am sure there are guys on here that touch every aspect of the industry. Small business to large, part time and full, and other professions that use welding in the course of the job. And how they arrived at where they are and what their future plans are

      Thanks Miller, and everyone else who adds their thoughts. All valuable!
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        Welding for a living

        A "welding for a living" category would be awesome! Would it be possible to include some type of consumables calculator/tracker? Thanks a million!


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          Heres something for the Canucks out there:

          Welding equipment may fall under the production equipment catagory and In BC for sure, you may go without having to pay PST on the welder or cutter. Consumables such as gas do not fall under this catagory. My accaountant knows all the details. I just agree with her ands say: " oh, Okay..."

          I think links would be a good idea, or a secton on the web devoted to the business of welding. calculations, costing, if possible current avg costs for materials (big order but...) i dont know. My gig is signage so.. but i like the idea of some sort of information being available.
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            Info on bidding would be really helpful. I leave tax stuff to accountants mostly. It's only fair because they leave welding to me. Besides that the tax code is complicated way too much and changes every year.
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