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    I started my first "professional" welding job today. it's with a local company, and i'm the only employee, which is nice, but that changes monday he's bringing on one more weldor.I made over 500 brackets today only got about 2200 more then get to move on with the project. ha ha can't wait... It feels so good to do something you want to do (and get paid for it!)

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    Congrats on the job. Can you post pics of your work? I'll bet that by the time you get those other 2200 brackets made you will be ready to move to something else for a day.


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      Good for you - what kind of brackets are you building? A wise man once told me "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work again" Sounds to me like you got 'er made....


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        Congrats. Good Luck.
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          thanks everyone. the brackets are for parts of the dash in Hummvees for the military. my boss was saying besides that work we might be getting a lot of work for some local contractors building brackets for support beams, also sounds like we are going to make flat beds.