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Stand for my bench grinder

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  • Stand for my bench grinder

    I recently welded a few pieces together and made this stand for my bench grinder. It's extremely sturdy and will fit many bench grinder models.
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    Looks good!
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      Nice- I just had a thread about bench grinders- someone suggested that you can put it on one of those rubberized mats to reduce any vibration and make working there easier. I thought it was a neat idea.


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        You'll notice a hole on the base piece (bottom left) I use this hole & bolt it down onto the floor in my work shop - works great.

        The top & bottom pieces were part of the feet to one of our Carrier chillers. We were doing an install of 3 chillers on the USS Comfort a while back when the ship was at the dry dock for major repairs in South Boston. We cut the feet off & welded the chiller to the floor. Instead of scrapping the feet I found a use for them. Those same holes we use to bolt chillers down onto springs in a normal installation.


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          I like that. I need one myself. Just trying to get set up in a building I have behind the house.

          Got an 8" bench grinder on a desk, it's a very big and heavy desk but the vibration is terrible.


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            Originally posted by Hardrock40 View Post
            Got an 8" bench grinder on a desk, it's a very big and heavy desk but the vibration is terrible.
            At the base of mine- I put some thick rubber washers in between the stand and the bolts that I used. I'm not sure what they're actually called, but found them at the hardware store. I have zero vibration.


            I've heard some people say that they've had to replace their wheels and get higher quality ones that are balanced to end the vibrations. I'm still using the ones that came with my grinder.
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              I built nmine with a mini dognut spare tire and wheel assembly. That was free because I had one kicking arround, I just welded a plate to the wheel and then a 3" post off of that and the grinder sat ontop of a plate at the top. The rubber take alot of the vibration out of what you are working on and it is super sturdy.