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spray welding gas info needed

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    a push-pull is better than a spool gun because instead of having a 1 pound roll of wire sitting on your wrist all day and running through several rolls a day with a spool gun. with a push-pull you have a 16 pound roll(aluminum) and it is being held by the machine, so you get better access, less weight on yourwrists, less time wasted on changing wire, and better control of the weld. now one draw back is the price. i dont know what the going price of a spool gun is, but the xr feeder is around 1,700 bucks and the 30 foot xr-edge gun is around 1,500 bucks. then you have to buy a power source as well. this is in my honest opinion, i am sure that you will get more from others.

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
      I am somewhat new to spray welding and have been using 92%argon, 2% oxygen mixture with great results. I am trying Airgasses steel mix extra (argon-helium-carbon dioxide) which I was told performs great on mill scale and oily material. I can’t get the arc stabilization initially as I start the weld, it takes 3/4 of and inch to stabilize and it asks globular as this happens sending spatter all over. I have tried numerous settings, sickouts, and flow rates. I have a brand new MM350 (which I love) am running .045 e70 wire, 300 Bannard. Please help

      LOL, what is the other 6 percent in the gas? Dave