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    I used to have a piece of 30" pipe buried in the ground vertically with a 3/8" cover plate. It became sort a tradition to pit bar-b-que our turkey for Thanksgiving, and a bunch of roasts around New Years. We always had a good time when everybody came over the night before, enjoying the beverage of choice while the fire got going. Now the guys at work want to do a whole pig. When I moved the pipe stayed buried, but I finally came across a new piece and plan on burying it this weekend. I was considering a few changes over the old one and was wondering what you all think.

    Rather than just the pipe buried I was thinking about a 2" air inlet at the bottom that ran outside the 30" pipe to a valve above ground. The method of cooking with one of these pits is to create a large bed of coals, put your meat on top of them (we wrapped it in butcher paper and burlap) and seal it off to eliminate the burn (no oxygen) and retain the heat. I was thinking the air inlet would help in getting the coal bed going a bit faster.
    I was also thinking about insulating the pipe somehow to retain the heat better. Although dirt is a fairly good insulator I was hoping you might have some ideas on what to use. With a 800+ degree fire going inside the pipe I'm not sure what type of insulation would hold up?
    All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

    EDIT: Checked on burning temps and it turns out they are more in the neighborhood of 1100-1200 degrees.
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    How much you wanting to spend? I sell a form of high heat insulating blanket (in rolls like the pink panther stuff) that will run to 2300 degrees so 800 is no problem. It is an inch think and holds heat well. You could wrap it in that then put tin or aluminum tape on the outside and be WELL insulated. There is also a few other routes we could go but this would be the cheapest I think. Also give me the height of the pipe and I will figure out how much you will need. A better way to help you would be to email me at with that info and I can communicate better that way than through this board. I also have a material (see the second to last page of my build post) that is an insulating castable that would be BADA$$ for this application and I could walk you through the forming and casting but it all depends how "jiggy" you want to get with this.



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      I'd try these people they know a lot about BBQ.