I think I will find some sympathetics ear on this forum. I'm purposely leaving a lot of the specifics out of this because it's a principal issue, not just a particular supplier. Anyway..... I order a part last week to finish up a project. It was a very key component that would easily affect $100,000 worth of surrounding equipment, not to mention the human factor. Because of this, I searched out a reputable manufacturer (specifically, made in USA) and an adequately speced component. When it arrived, it was an off brand, made in China piece of junk. Do businesses really think that they can get away with this, or is the general populace so clueless, that they actually can. To say the least, it never left my desk. Went right back in the box and returned to sender for refund. Partially my fault, I admit. Ordered something without going to find it in person and deal with a knowledgeable salesperson from a local supplier....but still, principal.