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  • Bernard parts for Q300

    I recently bought a like new MM200. Not too impressed with the GA-20C although it does the job, just a little cumbersome. I found a Bernard Q300 that is set up for .045 wire. I need to get a liner, jump liner and some tips for .030 wire. Is there a place you get them?
    How do you like the Bernard gun? Seems like a really nice unit but haven't tried it as I don't have any .045 wire on hand.

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    i use the q-300 gun at work. i like it for feeding steel wires. i dont like the front end parts when it comes to feeding aluminum. other than that the q-300 handles the heat very well, has great gas coverage, and the tips stick around pretty good. i have the gun on a mm 350p. when i do use it, it is usually in a spray transfer mode. high heat and fast travel speeds. try this link too.

    Bernard® and Tregaskiss® configurable, universally compatible MIG welding guns and consumables for semi-automatic, fixed automatic and robotic industrial welding applications.

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal


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      I use a older Bernard gun run by a old Linde wire feeder sitting on top of a old Linde 250 amp power source. I use only the .035 wire-- I forget the spec & all but its the copper coated wire.

      I really like it, and the more expensive copper plated wire handles so well, it will make ya look it.

      I'm not doing any real fancy welding with it; 1/8 to 1/2 inch plate sort of stuff mostly, making brackets, doing repairs, fabricating stuff out of angle and square stock, that sort of thing.

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