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    I just picked up a few stainless projects, and am almost completed the first one. The pieces I'm working on need to have a nice finish and I'm trying to clean the burn marks off. I've been trying to scrub them, but I've got some tight areas that have the grain marks running in opposite directions. I've decide that using pickling paste is my only option. However, I've never used it before. If anyone with experience could help me it would be greatly appreciated. (How do I apply it?, with a paper towel?, Do i need to rinse with water afterwards? Do i apply then wipe? or do i leave on for an extended period of time then wipe? How do i dispose of?, do i need to submerge the entire piece?) At my old shop years ago the finishing guys would apply it with a scotch pad and scrub it.

    Other info: 304L ss, tig, all fillets