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MillerMatic 210 Homemade Dual-Cylinder Holder

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  • MillerMatic 210 Homemade Dual-Cylinder Holder

    I've been using this homemade setup I made for over 4 years (have I owned this welder that long? How time flies when you're having fun!). It took about an hour to make, start-to-finish, and didn't cost a dime as I used scraps and freebies to construct it. What I like about it is that it doesn't increase the width of the welder as the cylinders mount diagonally (see the pics). It wont work for the larger size tanks as space is limited.
    • First remove tank and upper mounting bracket
    • Then take a piece of 2"x10" plank and cut out to fit under the tank. It will have to be notched to fit over the axle and cut with a jigsaw where it comes close to the other tank. Alternately and if you are worried about fire, you could whip up a base made of metal.
    • Note where the tray has been modified for the rear tank to sit flat. Cut with a hacksaw and bend down with a large adjustable wrench.
    • The upper cylinder mounting bracket was made out of some shelving scraps and utilized the original mounting holes. The strap was created out of a 8" muffler strap although you could use just about anything. The left side as you look from the rear is hinged (any old small hinge--welded to the strap and cylinder support bracket) and there is a stud welded to the right side with a wing nut.
    • Strips of rubber are used inside the straps.

    Although this is far from a complete "do-it-yourself" plan, it should give you some ideas for you to make your own variation. Of note is that I had to enlarge the bracket slightly when I went to the taller tank shown. When they were both the same size they fit perfectly.

    Good Luck!
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    Ive used eared pipe clamps many times for bottle clamps they look like they were meant for the job tack a nut to the back side and you only need 1 wrench!
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      Eared pipe clamps ?

      Eared pipe clamps ? Aaah , maybe friction clamps ? Yes they do work well for bottle racks . I weld on the nut in back and make a T-bolt for the front . A piece of all thread with a nut welded on to it as a shoulder for the front half to bear against then weld a piece of 1/2" B.I. pipe over the all thread and then for the tee , weld on a piece of 1/2 B.I. pipe . Than you don,t need any wrenchs to change a empty on your bottle rack . I have built five or six bottle racks and carts like this . You can even add a piece of light chain to keep the T-bolts from growing legs and walking away .This happened on my friends water well rig . Stole the t-bolt but left the oxygen bottle . Dan
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