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  • Project i did in school

    Our school particiated in Project grill just putting it out there if anyone would like to check it out. our first year we built from scrach a ceder strip boat with a big grill in the side. our second year we build a 14ft long cheese wedge that opened the top fliped up and the sides opened wide exposing a 3ft by 5 ft grill half charcoal with a grate for burgers and stuff the other half was a griddle. this last year we built a 6 ft wide cheese box with another giant grill inside and the lid fliped open and was a solar oven. all the pictures and write ups are on the site

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    That's pretty neat. I read your post and with the cheese wedge I figured it was somewhere in wisconsin. I'm from appleton, wi. I think it's really cool that the schools get outside businesses involved as sponsers so they can do these neat projects and teach the students a little about how real world works when you build something that big from design to finish with a group of peers. Great job, Scott


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      hey this guy built the same thing
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        yea it really is a wonderfull experience and the best way to learn in my opinion. going aound to area manufactures and touring them seeing how things are done in the real world.