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    I just purchased my first TIG machine -- a Miller Econo Twin HF. I have also downloaded a manual for the machine. The front panel of the machine has a two-prong receptical labeled "Remote High Frequency." The manual has a little blurb about this connection device, but does not not gove me a good idea of what function(s) it performs.

    Am I correct in thinking that one can plug a foot operated switch (aka - remote contactor) into this connector?

    If so, will the remote function only as an ON/Off switch, or will it function as a heat control device too?

    The torch on my machine has a shield gas flow control knob. Is this an ON/Off control? If so, does anyone know a good reason why I should NOT or could not install a solenoid flow control valve?

    Does anyone have helpful hints on using an Econo Twin HF? I mostly weld plain carbon steel, stainless, and the occassional bit of aluminum.

    I am a hobbiest welder, and have a Miller 251 (I love that machine.)

    Thanks for your replies.

    (a name so nice, I have it twice)

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    I'm not familiar with the machine. I looked at the schematic from Miller and it looks like the pedal is simply a remote on/off switch for the HF. It's not a heat control. I guess it was designed primarily as a stick machine with HF being available for occasional TIG use.
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      I think you are right about about the HF control. The previous owner said he had never used the HF plug and did not have a contactor or switch for it. He always used scratch start to initiate the arc.

      I appreciate your reply.



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        The hf remote is for turning the hf on or off at the torch handle. There is no remote control for the amperage setting, control for the welding current or gas. You could add a gas valve but would have to use another switch with wires run to the torch head.