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Want To build a Teardrop camping trailer

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    I bought plan from this site :

    Great instruction, website usefull.
    sorry for my english... i'm a frenchman !


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      Originally posted by mini-number1 View Post
      this is a side view of my design, the green as cabinets, the door is in the middle and the back curve will open as a kitchen type thing. i think i have decided on 1in square tubing 1/16 wall. then alum sheet on the outside (not sure how thick yet) and then foam insulation in the walls then 1/4 plywood of the inside wall.
      That looks like pretty sturdy design then More than enough framing to support the weight I think.


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        thanks i added it all up ill need about 255 ft of 1in aluminum tube should be fun cutting it all up and then tig welding it all up. ??? do you think when tiging all the joints that it will warp alot. i was thinking of laying it out on some plywood so i can get both sides the same and have something to clamp to.


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          This thread is just what I have been looking for. I am a college welding student finishing up my AAS in welding and I am also going to build a teardrop.

          Right now I am working on my plans and getting together a materials list. I have been tossing the idea back and forth of an aluminum frame or a steel frame and as of right now I am leaning towards aluminum. I will also be skinning the outside with aluminum and I will be gluing it down.

          I will have to make my trailer as part of my project - so you are one up on me so far. I am wanting a king bed in mine because it will be me, my wife and our 2 dogs.

          One of the things I am stuck on is the floor? So what will you be using for the floor? Are you going to use a wood floor and just bolt down to it? I have been thinking of steel for the frame because I can weld that directly to the trailer. Also will you be insulating the floor?



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            i was thinking of the 1 in sq tube being across the floor with insulation in between it then 1/2 or 3/4 ply for the floor not sure yet witch will then have a bunch of bolts going through it throughout the tube into the trailer to hold it on. and actually i have deiced to build a new trailer just for easy ness of fit up the one i have now would need a lot of modifications to use it. sooo for the trailer i am going with 2 in my 3/8 angle aluminum for the frame then 2 in by3/8 tung and then 2 more pieces of tube on the bottom one in front of the axle and one behind. with the angle turned up the camper portion will like just drop in and with a few bolts be secure. then i was thinking i could then just take the camper off and put a floor on the trailer and use it for hauling anything. so multi use.