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Miller deltaweld 450 - run on single phase?

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  • Miller deltaweld 450 - run on single phase?

    Hello all. I've been looking around for a reasonably priced used mig welder for a while now. I found a friend who has a older deltaweld 450 he's willing to part with for cheap. This is _way_ more welder than I had planned on buying but the price is right. This guy swears he has another buddy who has the exact same welder hooked up to single phase 220. I downloaded the manual from this website and it looks to me like this is a 3 phase only unit. I don't think the guy is trying to scam me, I haven't paid him a dime yet and I'm free to take it back if I don't want it. But I think he might just be clueless... I also don't want to 'just hook it up' like he's saying because I don't want to let the smoke out...
    It has a bunch of different jumper configs for different power inputs, but as far as I can tell they are all for 3 phase power. Is it possible to make one of these run off single phase 220? If it requires 3 phase power, what kind of phase converter would I need? Most of the info I can find on phase converters talks about electric motors, not welders... It looks like any converter that would come close to running this welder would cost me more than the guy wants for the welder... I have 70 Amp single phase 220 going to my shop.

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    The only way is with a phase converter as far as i know. My buddy runs his that way...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Do you know what type/size of phase converter he uses and about how much it cost?
      For the stuff I would be doing, I'd probably never run the 450 at/near full power, but at the same time, I've heard there's some overhead/power draw when you use a phase converter, and with only 70 Amp single phase going to the barn I'm worried if I run a converter I'd be right on the edge of being able to run it even at lower settings.
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