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  • Need Welding Ideas To Sell

    We are a welding school in Louisville, KY and researching welding ideas that we can sell in the community. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    BBQ's, Smokers, Garden Hose Racks.
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      to make money just think of alot of very easy to do things that dont take much time,dont cost much, parts that you make it from you have alot of or can find almost anywhere (for free would be best) and then work on some more high priced things
      if you make something that you sale for 2 bux or 5 bux (keeping kids in mind) you will sale alot more. theres alot more people willing to buy there kids something for 2 - 5 bux just to make um shut up. opps ( i mean happy ) then there are if it was 10 - 20 bux
      have you looked at the welding projects here on this site
      over there------------------------------------------------------->
      in green @ top of page ??
      hope this helps


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        Its not easy you have to compete with all that craaaaaaap from China people don't understand how much work goes into even a small piece.Good luck
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          You could make ornamental horses and jockeys in various poses and sell them at the KY welcome centers.

          Or you could stamp out half bat shells and TIG weld the halves together to make hollow steel baseball bats. Keychain size would be great in teaching precision TIG. And they'd weigh much less than the ones the machine shop kids are making.

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            Hello knightschoolofwelding,

            My thought is to advertise a service. Don't know if this is feasible in your case since you are a school, but I see a few notes on the free section in my grocery store from people needing repairs made to yard chairs, lawn mowers, barbeques and similar stuff.

            These are all metal repairs that the people need done. Simple stuff for those on the forum, but for those who don't have a handy-person nearby, this is a problem. I tend to notice the "metal repair" related notes as this catches my eye but I would think everyone might need similar repair work like this done.

            In my neighborhood, now that the BBQ season is ending, I see many gas grills being tossed out on trash day. Some even come with a half full tank of propane.
            I guess some people don't want to bother with cleaning the grease off.

            Since my nickname from my last job was "Sanford", I am not shy about stopping and picking up these treasures.

            Anyway - my thought is to perhaps put some notes on local supermarket bulletin boards or laundromats.

            Nowadays with the economy in the toilet, I would offer a service or perhaps trade for goods.

            Another thought would be to go to a local supermarket and ask the manager if there are any damaged carts which need repairs. I have fixed a few for my local farmer's market in exchange for veggies and fruits.

            Everyone wins.

            Take photos of some of your work and let them know you are their neighbor.

            Many years ago, when I was dating a wonderful woman, I drove down to Louisville for Derby Day. If I remember, she lived on Mockingbird Lane.

            Once you get known, there are lots of possibilities.

            Jay Leno started at a car dealer washing cars without their permission.
            He did this for a few days before someone asked who he was.
            Now look at him.

            I have fixed things for friends and strangers without asking for any money and the favors have been returned many times. It may take a while but I did it for the satisfaction of doing a job well and also to get better in welding.
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