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  • Welding Tatoos?

    Anyone have any welding tatoos? I am looking to get my first tatoo and want it to be welding related. Anybody have any and post some pics.

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    Welding tatoo

    [LEFT]As with anything regarding the art world, your choice of picture, painting, colors, etc. are a personal preference. I would suggest looking at parlors in your area and if available to custom work done by the artists there. Choose an artist you like and discuss any and all ideas you have for what would make a real stand out welding tatoo, picture, painting, it's all art and you in this case have a real choice in the subject matter. There's allot of pictures in Microsoft Office when you insert on a document, you migt look there for some ideas. I've never seen a welder tatto, welder's tatoo so it's in my opionion going to be you and the artist putting together something one of a kind and personal. Just a suggestion. Good luck, and hope you'll paste in on the board when you get it done.
    Willy d.
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      Dude, just start doin 7018 overhead and you will get all the 'Weldin Tatts' you need, nice little white spots.........I can say this, I have read,, 50% of folks who get one will get another Tat, I have 10 or so, but then again, I have 6 or 7 weldin machines...many 1900 tats were work related, to show what your trade was, I will post tat pics later, hope this will help, Paul
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        I have an idea. How about a tattoo of your skin split and it welded with metal? I think that would be neat looking. Just a thought...
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          I also am a welding instructor PT so I was thinking of something to do with a tig torch creating an arc on a bright red apple.


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            If you want a really neat looking spider web design on your hand just let a 4 1/2" grinder with a wire cup brush get loose from ya, it's not as permanent as a real tattoo though, it will start to fade away after about five years or so. Dave
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              Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
              If you want a really neat looking spider web design on your hand just let a 4 1/2" grinder with a wire cup brush get loose from ya, it's not as permanent as a real tattoo though, it will start to fade away after about five years or so. Dave
              I had a 7" grinder with a cup brush get caught up in my shirt, hurt like ****. I couldn't cry there were to many people around
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                I don't mean to sound rude but if you don't have anything good relating to the topic don't say it. Lets stick to some real ideas, thanks.


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                  Well, if your name starts with a T, you could spell your name starting with a tig tourch. Or maybe write you name or other prefered phrase with a weld bead. For example, an aluminum mig bead has very distinct ripples... If that doesn't seem right, the shower sparks from an arc can be very cool, especially as a background to another object in the foreground. I don't have any pictures of this stuff, just kinda thinking alloud.

                  I do have many of the welding "tatoos" that the other guys mentioned though. The wind here in Colorado can be very bad for blowing slag and other glowing embers right down your collar! The one weakness of my leather jacket....and it finds it every time!


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                    Yeah I definately thought of getting something written in aluminum bead appearance.

                    I am having trouble finding good examples of welds. I guess I could take some pics of my own work, it would be easier to see some pics from the internet.


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                      I actually have the Miller symbol on the upper part of my spine right by my neck
                      Thanks for reading I hope my post helped



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                        Originally posted by youngwelder_154 View Post
                        I actually have the Miller symbol on the upper part of my spine right by my neck

                        Aside from the modern health issues with tattooing, I think it's sort of a bad idea since conditions may change. For example, being a long time motorcyclist, I've seen lots of tatoos. ( I don't have any myself...I just make do with surgical scars, but I digress.)

                        I know several people who have gone so far as to have a tattoo of their girlfriend's or wife's name in a prominent place, usually along with a Harley Bar & Shield Logo. Then, as luck will often have it, the girlfriend or wife goes away. What do you do then? I sure hope that you don't ever change brands.

                        I've also seen, believe this or not, a tattoo where Harley-Davidson was spelled Halrey-Davidson. Hahahahaha.

                        I particulary don't like the fact that the tattoo artists generally solder their own needles together and then sterilize them in an autoclave. I don't mean the part about the sterilization, but rather the issue of solder. Yes, I know...they probably use lead-free solder. I still don't like it.

                        Nonetheless, I'm quite sure that you will come up with some good ideas for a welding-oriented tattoo. My only question is,,,,,is......why?

                        I'll be donning my anti-flame suit now for protection against the pro-tattoo league.
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                          I want to get some tatoos of things that are very important in my life, such as welding and motorcyles related things.

                          I would like to incorporate the miller symbol somewhere also.


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                            a friend of mine got a little fighting irish leprechaun shoot ing a bird, well as those of us that have had tat's done know they transfer the image with carbon paper and it can get mirror imaged. so as luck would have it, his ended up with the wrong finger sticking up.
                            i told him and the inker before it got inked but they didn't believe me ?? even when it was traced to his arm they still went ahead and inked it.
                            thanks for the help
                            hope i helped
                            feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                              Know your artist...

                              If/when you decide to get a tattoo do yourself a favor..or several...

                              1. Don't be afraid to shop around for the right artist for you. Does thier style of art reflect wat you want to look at for the next 50 years...

                              2. Make sure the shop is clean. In this day and age most states have health regulations for tattoo shops so it is not as big of concern but never hurts to be safe. MOST shops use NEW needles and sterilize other equipment.

                              3. When going for your design do not try to be too cutesy. current or cliche'. (see #1) Is Maroon 5, Marilyn Manson, (insert faverr celeb here) still gonna be your hero in 30 years?

                              4. Avoid specifics in your design...keep it personal because after all it is yours ...FOREVER...but keep it general enough that you can grow and still appreciate it...i.e. I have a friend that is a civil engineer with his P.E. he wears liong sleeves all the time because that pot leaf he got on his forearm at 18 is some how less appropriate as a 45 yo professional. (again see #1)

                              5. Give your artist a few ideas or a rough sketch then let him create. You still have the final say about the design.

                              With those little tips I hope you find someone to give you an awesome tattoo that you will enjoy for years...good luck!!

                              Anyway...I have mine and want to get to a couple regrets on m artwork to date but have been very careful about what I have gotten.

                              OH AND ON the subject of names someone brought up..many artists will only do names of parents, children, siblings. NO significant others, wife, hubby, gf, bf...etc because those can change. There is a belief of the tatto curse among many that a tattoed name dooms a relationship for some reason.

                              can't belive I had so much to say!! not trying to be preachin'

                              Have fun pickin one out!

                              Have you ever noticed that enough is usually too much?!