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  • spool gun questions

    i never have done aluminum but, i'm thinking about getting a spool gun for my machine so that i can. first, i have a few questions about spool guns and aluminum.

    if i was to get a bernard would it take the same consumables?
    does aluminum gunk up the liner like stainless, or is there a liner or just a wire guide?
    do i use straight argon?
    do i work the puddle or drag or push?
    my machine is a miller shopmate 300dx, if i turn the dig all the way down it is set for aluminum, shopmate series are dc machines, i thought you had to have ac for aluminum or is that just with tig?
    how thin of metal can you weld with a spool gun?

    theese are just some of the questions i have. i haven't tried something new in a while but, i think that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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