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A Couple of Fountains

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  • A Couple of Fountains

    Was down at the local Harbor Freight, and saw they had some water pumps on sale - decided to pick up a handful and make a fountain or two.

    First fountain: Rack is originally a wall filing rack. Bowls are small candy tins, bottom bowl is a bread pan. Pans are drilled on opposite corners for a "zig-zag" waterfall effect. 5/16" aluminum pipe threaded through two lugnuts welded to the sides of the hanging rack, and 7/16" plastic tubing to connect everything.

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    Second fountain: Rack is originally a panholder, with extra struts welded across the back. 5/16" aluminum tubing up the back and through the top of the serving dish backpiece, 7/16" plastic tubing to connect from pump to top of backpiece. Backpiece held on by square nuts welded into brackets. Basin is small bowl.

    Should've made that top tube shorter .... oh, well, it works pretty good.