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Fabricating a merge collector

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  • Fabricating a merge collector

    I am in the process of building a turbo manifold, and am in need to make a 4-1 merge collector. I am using all sch10 304ss 1.5" tubing/fittings. So pretty much all I have been using is a 14" cut off saw for cutting my materials. So, any ideas on how to fabricate or even begin to design a nice collector? I know I can purchase one online for about 100 bucks, but I like learning/trying new things to do things on my own

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    Obviously you are going to need some other method of cutting small parts.
    Fit-up on a part such as this is everything IMO.
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      What would you recommend using?


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        I've seen people use a verticle bandsaw to make the cuts for the manifold pipes. Gave a nice cut and it's easy to position the pipes so you get the cut you want.


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          I havent made any merge collectors, but I have made a couple high velocity merged y pipes. I use a vertical metal bandsaw...

          PS. the $100 merge collectors are junk... a good one is ~$500 easy....
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            Any one have any specific models of a metal cutting vertical band saw that they have had good luck with? How about any smaller units that dont take up too much space?Thanks Mike


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              This should help: