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    I was talking to a friend today and he needs to put new tires on his trailer. He has some used tires that he wants to use but the local tire shops want to charge 25 bucks a tire to swap them out. So after some talk today I started thinking about making a rim clamp. I did some research and started trying to find parts for it. I came up with a fairly simple design for now and will improve on it as needed after I complete the main frame. I'm not going to motorize it for now due to cost and simplicity. I plan on drilling some holes in the pipe that will hold the table that clamps the rim and use a pipe in the holes to turn the wheel.

    So I have the base and frame planned and will have an arm that goes up and over and back down with the spoon on it to remove the tire and put it on. The part I need some advice on is how to get the table that clamps the rim attached to the base so that it is strong but it has to be able to rotate.
    Here is a rough sketch I drew to try and explain.
    Click image for larger version

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    Here is a link to a picture of a rim clamp if that will help.

    I'm thinking of using a flange bearing on top of the base and have an 1 1/4" shaft come up threw the base and attached the clamping table to the shaft. Also thinking of running the shaft down into the base about 12" and use a pillow bearing, my thinking here is that the two bearing points will add stability to the table since it will need to support a rim/tire so probably up to 100 pounds or more and still be able to spin.

    If anyone has suggestions or can share some fabrication knowledge I will be greatly appreciative. Thanks, Scott