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    Anyone have any they can recommend ? I ordered the one from HTP on mig welding and learned a few things that may prove important down the road a piece, and I thought I would order somemore if anyone knows of any good ones. You can learn a lot from a book but sometimes I have to actually see something before it sticks. I would especially be interested in one that shows the patterns used with the electrode, weave etc.

    Anybody know what happened to Clint ? I hope he didn't slip on a big Cotton Mouth down at that pond where he was working. We grow some big ones down here. I miss reading his post.
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      These guys are excellent . . .

      Instructional welding videos for industry and education featuring close-up demonstrations of the actual welds..
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        Originally posted by Wacko Welder View Post
        These wouldn't happen to be the videos with Steve Blyle in them, would they. Gotta love watching the redneck robot weld some "uuuphanddd"
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