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36 Volt chargers and phase converters

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  • 36 Volt chargers and phase converters

    I am looking at a used 36 volt electric fork lift, and a small electric warehouse cart, also 36 volt. I recently acquired a like new industrial 36 volt, 3phase charger, still bolted to the shipping pallet. My building was going to have 3Ph service, but now I will be limited to single phase. Do the phase converters work very well for chargers, or does anyone know a source of reasonably priced 36V, 1Ph 230V chargers. Most of the units I find, are either 3Ph or light duty (20-30 Amp) 1Ph. The person that has the 36V equipment, will have it sold to another person, if I don't buy it. It will not do me any good, if I can not line uo a decent charger. Thanks for your ideas.

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    The smaller 1ph chargers do fine, if you can wait for the charge. They will not do the job as quickly as the big unit.

    The reason? Limits on the power supplied to the charger. The 1Ph, 120V units are limited to about 2000W, give or take. Three phase 240V units may draw 60A or more, for 25KW or so. The difference is between a full recharge overnight and a full recharge during lunch.

    I wouldn't suggest running the 3Ph charger on a phase converter, but you might find that it can also be run single phase at roughly 1/2 the power rating. One of the ones we have at work is a mil surplus unit and there are specific instructions in the manual for this.


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      A lot of 3ph motors love variable frequency drive type converters, i wonder how they would work on a charger.
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