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Air powered Cannon

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    Originally posted by popspipes View Post
    The small valve is called a "versa valve", its a pilot valve is part used for an air operated milk caser used in a dairy, it was available at the time I was making the cannon. I believe it just relieves the pressure momentarily on the pilot port of the valve causing it to dump the charge in the tank.

    Its been about 10 years since I put it together and the brain is a bit foggy on some of the details.

    It is a lot of fun especially for parties etc where there is a gathering of younger folks.

    The goyen valve I have has 3/4" npt threads so most any barrel configuration could be adapted to it.

    The tank I use is a purge welded piece of 3" ss tube with formed ends ( tank head) or tube ends we called them.

    Thanks.I will see if I can find a versa MBV.
    Just for info sake for all.
    You are right the air supply side of the Goyen valve has a 1/16 air port that feeds the top side of the flapper/diafram which keeps the valve closed. The 1/8th port on top is vented off the diafram opens the large port to the lo side of Goyen valve "tennis ball side".


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      Originally posted by metalmeltr View Post
      That would probly work ok. How much was the valve?
      We have these MBV at our plant for our dust collector bag house. They are part of the blowback system.

      So if you know someone in a plant setting that deals with a dusty product chances are they will have this type of valve. We make plastic and our base resin of our reactor is dusty.
      I would think even in a grain handling process they would have this type of valve, but not sure.
      I would not exspect them to be very exspensive


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        I think Clippard would make that type of valve as well, I will check on it, maybe I can find something that will work. We used Clippard fittings on labelers too.

        That golf ball thing has me intrigued now, we did try the ball bearing barrel, that thing was dangerous, it would make one heck of a dent in a 55 gallon oil drum!
        mike sr


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          The pilot valve is a normally closed type spring loaded closed, push to open.

          2 nc is the designator on the valve.
          mike sr


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            this is a link to a normally closed push button air valve, the pilot air thread on mine is 1/8" pipe, that one is sixteen dollars and change.
            mike sr