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RV bumper reinforcement.

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  • RV bumper reinforcement.

    I can post some pics later, but I just wanna toss this idea out before I run out the door to work. Our bike rack has caused a weld to crack on our camper. While repairing the cracked weld won't be a problem, I want to reinforce the bumper to prevent this from happening in the future. My initial thoughts were either making a brace from the rack to the frame, and/or 2 1/4" thick gussets on each side of the bumper to frame joint. I'm lookin for some ideas. I don't want to make the brace if I don't have to. The bumper is 4x4x1/8" I believe. Also is there a way to reinforce the section of bumper where the rack is clamped to the bumper. It's crushed just a bitfrom the twisting caused by the bouncing of the rack. Thanks.

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    I just did one for a bike rack and had i not went back a few crossmembers with some tubing the whole works prob would be on the ground. Those 4x4 bumpers are just there to hold the sewer hose and not much more. So check it out real good underneath and brace and weld where needed. Some of them are just welded with some little short beads too...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      Did you reinforce the 4x4 tubing or make entirely separate carrier? Also did you attach to the crossmembers or the framerails themselves.? And hopefully last question, what size tubing did you use?


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        Subscribing also...

        I need to rig something up on the back of my camper to hold a rack also.
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          Those bumpers are usually only 14 Ga. I do a ton of these.

          #1 Thing is to drill an additional hole in the 2" reciever tube with a nut welded to the tube on the bottom so you can tighten the bolt to take the rocking motion out of the bike rack.

          Then weld a plate or a gusset from the frame to the bottom and top of the bumper.

          There have been some situations where I install a new 4 x 4 x 1/8 tube bumper.

          Its not usually the weight of the bikes that cause the problem, Its the rocking back & forth that fatigue the metal.

          There are a few different ways that I fix these, some times I add an additional cross member 6" up and attach the reciever tube to both members.