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  • Plasma Table

    My plasma table is done, now all I need to do is run a better power line to my shop so I don't blow the fuse every time I cut something..
    But it works good in the garage
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    sigpicJim Young

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    Hey that looks cool. Is that a disc blade at the bottom? What are the dimensions and what size "grate" material did you use?
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      yep it's a an old plow disk, I don't know what size grate it is... just bought it at as salvaged steel for 35 cents a pound because I figured it would work on my table... drew these and cut them out this morning, so it works gooood
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      sigpicJim Young


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        Jim, love your license plate
        VERY COOL animals too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I'm not late...
        I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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          Jim, how did you get the different colors on the dog? and what settings did you use on your plasma?
          p.s. NICE TABLE
          I'm not late...
          I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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            [QUOTE=Bert;18017]Jim, how did you get the different colors on the dog? and what settings did you use on your plasma?
            It's silver (polished stainless) those are just light reflections
            Just one setting... "off and on"..
            ... Jim
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            sigpicJim Young


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              Nice cutting table. Made one similar, except on mine I made the slats removable (so they could be easily replaced) and sized the table to fit over a 55 gal drum. Your's definitely takes up a lot less room.

              Not to be critical, but with the dog (good job by the way) it looks like an axe murderer wacked off the head. (maybe a smooth cut would have looked better).
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                Thanks ! Jim for the design and also Thanks Sundownlll I `am getting ready to make a cutting table for my torch ! I`ll probally use a 55 gal. drum

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                  better remember to get the car out first, but great lil table.

                  just on and off ?? what cutter do you have, thats popping the breaker ? i have the spectrum 125-C its got the compressor built in and its never given me any power problems even on an extension cord.

                  great looking animals.
                  thanks for the help
                  hope i helped
                  feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. jam[email protected]
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                    Nice looking platform. Just a side note, I would be leary of setting something heavy on it, it will happen. The base is fine for light things.
                    I have a small 3 legged round table that I seldem use but I sometimes use it for the vice to set on, once the combined wieght of the vice, metal and my pulling on it, the table fell over just missing my foot.


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                      hey, i can see you polished the steel on the dog, but how did you get the red finish on it?
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                        Very nice, very nice... like the black finish
                        A C T I O N ! ! !