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  • Fire place blowers

    I am looking for a fire place blower any Ideas? also where can I find a fire place glass?

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    What kind of fireplace ......wood or gas. I built metal doors for a custom fireplace I had in another home. I used pyrex but should have used tempered glass. It would have been more expensive though and I would have to wait. They have to cut the glass and send it away to be tempered.
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      Fire place blowers are available on e-bay, grainger, and we even have a farm store here that carries them on the shelf. You'll pay approx $40.00-??? per blower, you may see a sale slide by on ebay for less, just be sure to check its output (CFM's). As far as tempered glass, when I was growing up in my parents house, every year we would break a piece in the fire place and would just go to the glass shop and they would cut us a new one on the spot or at least that is how I remember it. your local glass shop may have some typical thicknesses, but if you need an odd ball size/thickness...what ever that is... or want it in the shape of a unicorn you may have to wait or special order it.

      good luck
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        Fire place glass

        I built a fire pit 30 " wideX 24" deepX26 " high and it has door and sides with expanded metal it sure burns the wood quick so I need to enclose the sides maybe even the door to slow down burn time
        Thanks for your help