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    Hello everyone, my name i Dan and i 17 and i go to a vocational school for welding & fab..Last year as a group project are teacher had us make stuff out of what we had laying around at home / at our school metal dumpster and this is what we came up with! Hope you all like it..Now it's been sitting in my front yard and i decided that it's time to paint it..I was thinking of course, Blue n White..Although im not sure on what color blue..Whats the closest color blue to miller blue..I know i could go to a store and have it speacily made but im not paying for the paint myself therefore so i an not be to picky..Please and thanks everyone.Also not sure one what i should paint Blue,And what i should paint white

    The drawing out of the miller symbol..

    The Legs

    The legs again

    The miller symbol cut out
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    The M,I

    One of the L's

    The E,R

    The body and legs attached


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      The head

      Before the sign was attached..

      More coming when i get home from work tonight..Sorry for the darkness / quality of the pictures as i took them with my cell phone.


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        Did you enter that in the welding contest?


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          good way to burn up the scrap metal.