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My first project: a fence for my front yard

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    Originally posted by Jack Olsen View Post
    (do they do this anywhere outside of Southern California?) short-cut grass with its annual winter dose of steer manure.
    I've not heard of "short-cut grass" here in the upper-right-corner,
    but then, my thumb is very very brown. I can say, though, that
    my wife gets a pickup load or 2 of composted cow manure every year
    for the garden. I imagine that it's the same stuff, or at least comes
    from the same source... The plants love it.

    Swings and fence look great



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      Great looking job, and a great report on the steps. Don't be so hard on your self about the little leg thing being out of place. Every time I build something and ask the family how it looks they think its perfect, then I proceed to show them all the mistakes they didn't see. You know the only people that would notice are those OCD welder people, you know how they are.
      "The only source of knowledge is experience." Albert Einstein