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    Hi People! I'm new here and "relatively" new to welding. I have a Syncrowave250 with a diamondback torch. I don't have a cooler for it yet. I'm really interested in learning how to Tig aluminum but i understand it's a necessity to have a cooler for aluminum as the torch gets really hot. I'd really like to build my own cooler but I'm unsure of coolant flow rates and how critical they are. For now i'm practicing my mild steel and SS welding. I'm fairly certain that my setup is correct but my problem is that the remote foot pedal will not turn the argon on when depressed. I've been having to turn the output control switch to the ON position as opposed to the remote position to get gas flow. When it's in the ON position it just opens the solenoid and gas flows and doesn't stop till i turn the switch off. When the switch is in the "Remote" position the arc starts as it should but the solenoid doesn't open to run the gas. Any ideas? All input is welcomed!

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    Assi9, welcome aboard, your torch is probably rated for 150 amps, it will get hot when running way up there in amps, but as long as you are learning aluminum on thin material, you should be able to hold it with gloves on. Remember, you will need a water cooled torch to go with your water cooler..... aluminum needs more amperage than steel due to aluminums ability to conduct heat real well, so stick with thin [ 1/16 to 1/8 ] material in the beginning. Hope this helps you some, Paul
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      thanks Paul, yeah the torch is watercooled. I may just try using a shurflo adjustable potable water pump with a gallon or two of distilled water. I really don't want to burn up the torch due to ignorance on my part as it's a brand new Diamondback.