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First post with pics of what I build

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    What kind of gaskets are you using for the exhaust?
    Pipefitters Local 72, Atlanta


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      I machine aluminum ones, we machined all the flanges in the pictures too, except for the tri clamp ferrules.


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        Thanks for the info. Are the crosses and ferrules run through a press or press brake to flatten then down? Once again very nice work, I work in food/biopharm and never once thought of the fittings and tubes use in motorsports.
        Pipefitters Local 72, Atlanta


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          WOW ! - ok , I'll be (maybe) the first to say " nice welds".

          Seems that there are some who would not be so nice in their comments about these welds and the work done.

          Well isn't this forum about sharing information?

          I am grateful that I have an example so see what a good aluminum
          tig weld looks like so I can try to emulate that.

          I mentioned in a previous post that it took me over 30 years and having to buy a Dynasty 350 to get ok looking welds in aluminum.

          I will gladly trade beers for tigging instruction.

          thanks to all for their good looking welds I can use as an example.
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            Wow.. i definately want to get as good as you are, thats some awesome stuff there!


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              Did you use any filler on the alum cans or the razor blades??


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                Great Custom Headers

                Those headers look fantastic. What did you use to give them such a polished finish? And, more importantly, what did you charge to make them? Do you have tooling to reproduce them or are they a one time custom job?
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                  A true artist


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                    Yes filler on the Al cans, no filler on the .008" razor blades, HF start on both.

                    Polished finish is just good old elbow grease and practice.

                    One time custom job and yes they were expensive, we machined the flanges in house as well as all the tooling to make the ovalized tube and collectors.

                    Thanks for the compliments fellas


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                      Yeah, you belong here!


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                        WOW! Very Nice! :B

                        I dont think I can even dream of hoping to be that good with tig, especially the aluminum piping. I'm just too shaky for that kind of intricate work. I will just sit back, drink a beer and admire your talent!
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