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    your welcome agri04 i hope the ideas will help now get to fabbing so we can see some pics


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      Wife is getting digital camera monday, post pictures as soon as i can


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        Smoker ideas

        O.K. everybody, let's get all the help and ideas going on this thread because I am planning on starting a new one here in the near future. I've got a 100 gal compressor tank and a 60 gal water tank that I plan on mounting to a old boat trailer that I've got laying around. I was thinking about using the compressor tank for the cook area and the other tank as an oven both of them connected to one common fire box. Let's get the ideas rolling so Agri04 can get his built and I can get started on my next project. Dave
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          well i am ready i am glad you didnt choose a propane tank i dont think i can go another round of those


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            pictures from pit. Have lots more done just need pictures

            front view

            side view


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              That will a heavy duty for sure. Something you can pass down to your great, great, great grandchildren. I see you have the axle and wheels to make it mobile. I saw a smoker at Lowes over the weekend that was on a trailer that cost 1800.oo. It was not as heavy duty as yours is going to be. It looks like you are going to have a good one when you are finished. Please don't forget the pics. I plan to build one in the future even though I wussed out a few weeks ago and bought a Brinkman from Walmart. Some pics could help me with some ideas.

              My favorite smoked meat is deer meat. I don't have time to hunt right now but have some friends that look after me with meat from time to time. I have to be careful though. I ate so much deer meat one year I started running out in front of cars at night
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                yeah i know what you mean about running in front of cars, deer meat doesnt last long in my freezer either. I will post some more pictures later today. Hopefully it will be nice when i get it all built.


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                  Agri04, I ment to post this info at the onset of your thread but got interupted and just now back to monitoring the site.
                  For info on the trailer and pit construction see
                  Tis from FatFrank from Wichita Falls, TX of one of his pits, is a walkup pit typ. of what your talking about. He does an outstanding job w/pit fab.

                  I attached a few pics of the pits we have built over the yrs.,

                  First is the old pit we built ~20yrs ago, 24"sch40 x 5' mounted on a stepup trailer. Original firebox was typ. of the one you built and the same size and sch. but sideways, had a 3"x9" rect. transition and top loader. A couple of yrs back we replaced the burned out box and the BIL decided we needed a larger box, wrong, wasn't necessary, but it has fire brick lining which is a super heat saver. Entry to cook chamber is still the same and the original baffle is maintained which is from the intry wall to approx. 2/3 of the length of the cook chamber. Sunday I cooked on it for the first time in about a yr., cooked 6 briskets 8 hrs @200-250 °F, and used only a small amt. of hickory. I had forgotten how econominal it is, wood wise.

                  Second pit is the infamos pig pit, 26"x5' sch.40, firebox is 2'cube x ¼" , has a 10"x13"x¼" x5' chamber at the bottom which allow direct cooking, i.e. pig on the rotissere, or indirect as well, is a stepup.

                  Third is a pit the SIL built out of an out of date propane tk., it also is 20"x5' but only 1/8" wt., fire box is also 2' cube x ¼", tis a walkup.

                  Good luck
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                    Here is some progress sorry for the long time in between
                    This is the cooking grate, i am thinking about putting in a second one

                    Here is it mounted on the trailer, there is not enough room in the shop to get a picture of the full trailer. I am going to remove the last frame rail on the trailer and move it towards the front of the trailer.

                    sorry about the stuff sitting on top of the trailer.

                    I am going to put expanded metal on the deck and make a box for wood and a bar to strap a cooler to. The pit really ate up my 4*8 trailer in a hurry. I hope there is room for everything.

                    The trailer is made of 2x3x1/8 tubing. I still have to figure out my counterweight for the door, and my firebox door design.

                    Any suggestions welcomed


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                      I am a newbie to this forum, a newbie to welding and a lot of other things but after I saw the price for 24" pipe being considered for use as a smoker, I happened to think, I retrieve an abundance of old hot water heaters, strip them down, recycle the brass controls and donate the empty shells (inner and outer) to my son who is a professional welder to use in creating yard art and whatever else he thinks the parts will work for. Depending upon what capacity the water heater is, and whether it is gas or electric, regular or undercounter, there are different diameters available. Most are glass lined and I wonder if this isn't a big drawback to using these freebies.

                      Tinker Ed


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                        Stand up smoker.

                        Been reading the smoker ideas. Built mine out of an old well pressure tank. Used electric instead of wood by placing a 1500w element in the bottom, installed an electric rheostat and cut the door in the side. It uses a cast iron frying pan to hold the wet wood.
                        Works really well.
                        Made all the cuts with the plasma and stick welded the hinges and the door plates on.
                        Hint--cut the hinge side first, weld on the hinges and then cut the rest of the door out. That way it's straight and tight.
                        Have seen one of these used for a trailer smoker. They used an old 7 gal propane tank for the fire box and cut in the doors similar to my stand up. Guess they read up on cutting propane tanks first. Highly recommended if you want be around to use the BBQ later.


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                          As a backyard welder.... I recently made one from a glass liner of a hot water companies throw them away everyday..... they really hold the heat nice. Thats why a fire box isnt nessacarily as important. I am able to get away using a 20# propane tank. I must caution to pay attention on how to open a propane tank..... I took the top nvalve out to relieve any pressure.... then used a sazall to cut the opening.
                          I can make plenty of fire in it, to "home cook", but might want more to "festival cook".
                          New to this forum...just learned you can click my name... where I have a picture of mine.
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                            Am New to this forum but would like to add a couple of pics of my smoker that
                            I built several years ago. The two outstanding features of this smoker are the direction that the smoke enters the smoke box, and also that the exhaust
                            is ported from the bottom of the meat area. The entrance pipe is a six inch
                            on an angle to hit the smoke box so that the smoke will supposedly swirl
                            inside the smoke box. The exhaust pipe is a four inch pipe mounted at the bottom of the smoke box. When I built the smoker I put a damper on top this pipe, but since I have used the smoker discovered that it was unnecessary.

                            Also the bottom of the smoke box has a two inch angle taper welded in the bottom for a grease drain to the rear of the smoke box.

                            This may not be the greatest design, but for me it works great.

                            Barry Wilson


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                              Thought I loaded pics. Must not realize how to?
                              copy and paste this url for pics:[email protected]/?saved=1

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