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    Here is my latest creation. It is a John Deere 70 tractor with a mounted No.100 one row sugar beet harvester. Titled "1950's Harvest In The Yellowstone Valley".

    It is "all" welded with a Millermatic 130 using .023" wire. This was commisioned by a friend who owns a John Deere Dealership. It came out so good I started making two more. One for myself and another to sell.

    For this one I had to snip out 400 sugar beet leaves from 22 ga cold rolled. The hardest part was the tractor rear tires. Had to make a mold in oak for half a tire, beat the sheet metal into it. Weld the two halves together down the center, grind it back, weld the tire bars on at each end, then grind the tire bar welds back. Tried bending 5/8" rod but it wouldn't bend smooth enough. I probably have about 250 hours in this.

    Jan.14,10 The two that I have finished took me 120 hours each. Made both at the same time. Less time then I thought. Kept a time log. Got them finished and immediately sold one to an aquaintance in Oregon.

    A former neighbor has commissioned me to do an International Harvester Model M with a mounted two row cornpicker with wagon in a corn field. Can't wait to start on the corn stocks. Something different. Have the tractor about done. See Ref. below:

    Follow the creation of the IH Mounted Cornpicker

    See how this one was made: Just click on the photo to go next.

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    Unreal amount of detail on that - great job!


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      I'm sorry but I am somewhat at a loss for words, other then thats incredible.

      Great work kmomaha.

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        Great job. That's real artwork...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          I commend you on your work

          looks good.I also bet you are a very calm person with a lot of patience.Among other things the tire molding is above and beyond, Others may have just gotten a rubber tire somewhere,but details like that are what make you a craftsman.Mike


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            As your others...........very nice work
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              That is without a doubt one of the finest welded sculptures I've seen. Excellent. Now you know what you will be when you grow up.


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                Cool.... Very very cool. How did you get the coloring?
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                  I have a 1954 JD 70 and like to restore the old machinery so your tractor is special. But your workmanship is Awesome, just plain Awesome.


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                    That is fantastic work. And talk about patience I wish I had just a sample of yours.
                    Your work should be submitted in a contest.


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                      OUTSTANDING!!!!! The attention to detail is just amazing. Thanks for sharing that.


                      EDIT: Just looked at your other stuff, WOW.
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                        Have you ever photo-documented one of these projects beginning to end? Then a clod like me, lacking any artistic talent whatever, could get a clue as to what is entailed in the making of your small masterpiece. I don't mean instruction in technique, just a means whereby we could appreciate the process as well as the finished piece, which is so detailed I can hardly begin to take it all in.


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                          Super nice work.. thanks for sharing
                          sigpicJim Young


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                            very nice, great job
                            Unreal amount of detail on that. not many people could even come close to work/art like this.


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                              That's beautiful work.
                              Pipefitters Local 72, Atlanta