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    Hi guys, I have a liitle more free time now and am starting to do more metal working projects. I have had a miller xmt and s64 wire feeder for about 5 years now and use it when needed for repairs and what not.

    I am starting to work on cars more and other metal working projects and would like to start expanding my metal working machine collection. I have been searching this site for about 2 hours now looking at past posts and found a few projects that I would like to make. I was searching for plans for a metal/pipe bender in particular. The place I worked at last had one that was home made and pretty nice.

    So I'm going to keep searching for plans that others have built but was wondering if anyone has links to plans for metal working equipement. In particular a metal/pipe bender, belt sander(I saw a really nice one that someone built on this site), a brake/bender, a press, and I'm sure there is other equipment I could use! I really like building my own tools.

    Thanks for any links to plans or feels free to email me any plans or pics you might have for these machines that you've already built. Scott

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    Bender plans.

    I have a motorized scroller that there are some pics of...Bob
    Bob Wright

    Spool Gun conversion. How To Do It. Below.


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      Originally posted by aametalmaster View Post
      Bender plans.

      I have a motorized scroller that there are some pics of...Bob
      Thanks Bob, that looks like the bender I used. Just alot better! You wouldn't happen to have a real life pic of it would you?

      Also are there any special tools I need to make this? Or special parts I need to order from anywhere?

      This is what I was looking for and hopefully will start making the parts this week. Hopefully I can make most of the parts without any special equipment.

      Thanks again Bob


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        Thanks for the help Bob. I have been searching for a couple of days now and have a couple projects that I am excited to get started.

        The bender is what I was really looking for and those are some great plans. Read about the hydro conversion and might try that sometime if I can afford the pump.

        Found some presses that I like and am going to try and copy the design, seems pretty straight forward. Probably just use a hydralic jack for now since the pumps are pretty expensive.

        I didn't find much for a press/brake. A few pics and the one miller has on their website. That will do for now but I read alot of people have problems with the middle not clamping well.

        I really want a belt sander that someone else made. Looks pretty complicated but sure would be nice. Had one at my last maintenance job for de burring cut medal and was quick and easy.

        Thanks again for the help and hopefully I'll have some pics of some usefull projects sometime soon.


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          Ponch37300, Lincoln has some project books that contain shop tool plans in them. There are either three or four books in the series. You should be able to find them on the Lincoln website. They used to be about $9 each. Also, check here in the Welding Projects tab. Some great projects, and plans available with some of them.

          Also, thanks Bob, for the bender plans. So much to build, and so little time! Ray


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            Yes thanks Bob.

            From searching one of the links he sent me and reading about 4 hours I found this thread on making tool cabinets and hardware storage that are unbelievable. Here is a link to the best thread I read on this guys cabinets but if you search welding forums there is a bunch of threads on these.


            I would love to build a couple of these!!! They are amazing and pretty economical.


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              Are there books with lots of good welding projects?


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                XMT 304 Questions

                I have the XMT 304 welder that I just picked up. I have a wire feeder to go with it. Perhaps you can tell me what its strengths and weaknesses are and what things you find it does really well. I also have an Esab 200 wire welder and a small Thermal Arc 185 welder.



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                  Die sets for the Hossfeld type bender are available either from Hossfeld itself or American bender. Be sure of the type/brand of bender matches what you are planning to do with it because the cost of the die sets will have you chained to your decision from then on.

                  The frame of the Hossfeld is a simple affair. Helps to have a mill to punch the holes with precision, but a center punch and drill press should see you through it. The bends in the frame are a snap on a 20 ton shop press. Be aware that pipe bending on the Hossfeld is no easy task without hydraulics aiding and assisting in the process. With the hydraulic conversion you won't need to anchor the bender down while in use...mine skittered all over the place even while mounted on a 650 lbs. welding table.
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                  Miller 251...sold the spoolgun to DiverBill.
                  Miller DialArc 250
                  Lincoln PrecisionTig 275
                  Hypertherm 900 plasma cutter
                  Bridgeport "J" head mill...tooled up
                  Jet 14 X 40 lathe...ditto
                  South Bend 9" lathe...yeah, got the change gears too
                  Logan 7" shaper
                  Ellis 3000 band saw
                  Hossfeld bender w/shopbuilt hyd.
                  Victor Journeyman torch and gauges
                  3 Gerstner boxes of mostly Starrett tools
                  Lots of dust bunnies
                  Too small of a shop at 40 X 59.