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    Hey all, I've been reading for about a year. I finally broke down and bought myself a Millermatic 175, and Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 38 Plasma Cutter.
    I am a hobbiest, and enjoy tinkering with all different sorts of projects. Some of you projects have been inspiring, especially the welding carts. I just got mine about half completed. I went down and bought a 4x8 sheet of 1/2 plate, got it home and didn't know how I was going to get it out of the truck. But after a few pipe wrenches and pry bars, i got it out and set on the top of the cart. I'm telling you, that is not no light peice of steel. Its a good thing i'm done having kids. Anyway, its good to be part of the group now..

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    Welcome smkdhog

    It's amazing how heavy plate is. And that's why we keep as many friends as possible. Take your time, use leverage and watch those fingers!!!


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      Welcome, some pictures of that cart would be cool.
      Regards, George

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