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3 point bale spear

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  • 3 point bale spear

    Anyone know where a plan might be available for a 3point mounted round bale spear? Thanks!

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    Google bale spears, lots of info there. You already know how wide your 3 point is just round up some parts and make them fit. Drive by your local imp dealer and do a what if with your eyes to see what you need. There is even a guy in google selling parts...Bob
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      Nice project to make. I made one about 10 yrs ago for a friend but have no idea of the specs. Just build it to fit your hitch. good luck, take pics
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        try a serch on the ask andy side. one was built there a year or so ago. i dont know if the serch will go back that far but it might be worthy of a try.
        good luck and like he said show us some pic's as you make your's.
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          I've built several for hooking on a trailer ball that used a boat winch for a lift. Shouldn't be hard to build one for a 3 point.
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            Check out
            they have two categories, "build it yourself" and "projects", which as I remember there are some spear projects shown.
            Good luck