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    Originally posted by Railmen View Post
    Oh i get it...............

    your one of those guys that think 3/16" plate needs 2" fillet welds. not sure on how to build something "OVERBUILD IT" that wins every time.

    Sorry could not resist.


    Ummm,,,, if "Danny" is who I think he is, you should be eating your words, right about now. The man has done more, comparing contrasting and critiquing, among power units, and the same among various brands of wire, than anybody else here.

    Railmen, instead of making fun, why don't you do the same sometime, out of your own pocket?????? Post detailed pics, also, Dan is well known for good, close-up, detailed pics. With explanations.
    Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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      Since you already know about the cold welds and are getting them fixed, all I have to say is nice brackets. Im sure they will hold up quite well with the correct welds.

      Im going to make a couple of these for my truck to replace the rotted out ones.


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        Thanks guys for the comments. When this prodject is done I'll be starting on my trailer for the welder and compressor.