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hydraulic dovetail on a trailer

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  • hydraulic dovetail on a trailer

    Back in November, I purchased a VW Jetta from a guy about 60 miles from where I live and he offered to deliver it to me. It was dark when he showed up and he had the car on a trailer that was really slick. He had a small mower engine mounted on the tongue of the trailer and was able to lift the rear of the trailer up and then fold out a solid ramp from underneath the trailer. He said his Dad had made a similiar trailer only bigger. Wished I had looked at the trailer a little closer but it was getting late and it was dark and I did not bother. I would like to make something similiar to this only with a fifth wheel hitch and was wondering if there were any plans out there so I could see what I would need to make something similiar. Just what I need another project. But if I had a better idea on how they were setup I could at least start collecting the parts to do something like this down the road. Thanks for any help that anyone can offer.

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    I just had a Cat Log skidder hauled to a new job yesterday and the had hyd ramps on the lowboy trailer. You don't net a gas engine, just a eletric hyd pump like the one used on 1 ton dumps.


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      I dont know where you can find any plans, but you can go to a local heavy equipment rental company and more than likely they use the same setup. take a look and heck take pics and that might give you some ideas.


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        The 12 volt power pack sounds like a good idea. Less to maintain. The same power pack as on dump trailers.


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          You can get the power pack at Northern Tool or bailey's. I'm sure you can find them on ebay. I use to drive semi car hauler that used the same system. on it you held down a toggle swith to turn the pump on, then used the other hand to operate 1 of the 18 hyd levers.


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            I think the trailer will be fancer than it needs to be.