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9-11-01 The Death Of A Bilding

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  • 9-11-01 The Death Of A Bilding

    We All Bild Things And Make Other Things Better

    There Are A Lot Of Us Out There And We All Weld

    So When I Was At Work In San Diego On A Job Site Setting Steel

    We Got The News At 8:50 Am And We Stoped And Went To The Job Site Traler To See The Tv And That Was Befor The Second Plane

    Now We Look At That Ase A Death To The Iron Worker Bildings

    On That Day We Were Bilding A Bilding As We Seen The Death Of One In New York On Tv

    Today We Held Our Heads And Lowerd The Flag For The Towers And Told Each Other That This Retro Fit Is Cool "we Are Saving A Red Block Bilding At Petco Park"and We Should Be Proud To Save This Old Bilding

    Iron Worker Over 20 Yrs And The Towers Are Cool I Got To Do The Tuor Of Them In My Life And We Touched The Iron With There Names On It That Is The Cools Thing

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    IRONWORKER, We were doing a job at the Okeechobee Correctional Institution in Okeechobee Fl. when I heard from one of my co-workers on the outside about the first plane crash. We were inside the prison building a juice plant for the inmates to run when I called the shop and was *****ing about the worthless crew I had to work with. My boss told me about the first plane and as I was talking to him he said a second plane just hit. Man, I'll tell you something, you don't know how defenseless and helpless you feel when you are inside the walls of a prison and can't do anything about life in general as we all know it. No I was not one of the inmates but we were the contractors doing the job, we were not supposed to bring phones or cameras into the facility but we did smuggle them in anyways just so we could keep in touch with base, we were stuck inside until 11:30m that night as all of national security was heightened, we really had no clue as to what was happening and didn't learn about the actual happenings of the day until much later on into the night. All I can remember is saying to on of my co-workers is WOW, What the **** happened today. Dave
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      Here is a great presentation that kind'a brings it all together ... a little long and slow to download, but worth the memories...
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        On 9/11 when I heard the news, I was welding bomb tail fins for the u.s Airforce and Navy. At that moment it made my job worth somthing. true what I build can cause death and devistation to other countries, we have had alot of people quit because they felt guilty for building destructive weapons. But on that day everyone felt like they were doing their part to help protect our country and our familys.


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          I was in the US Marines [early 80s] and dont feel guilty for blowing up or destroying anything that threatens my country/family or our freedoms. but I can see why it bothers some people. I dont think they fully realize the danger of our world, but its their right to feel that way. Unfortunalety thats why me make things like bombs....So they can continue to have the right to feel how they want

          just my 2 cents
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            I had a friend that worked in the restaurant, she decided not to go to work that day, I know with my heart who made that decision for her but not why and I would never question why.

            5 days later I am on the phone with one of the Fire Chiefs, he lost 11 men, being a future firefighter, I said let me come up and help, he said No, there was too much and he already lost his entire 2nd shift. So I held a fund raiser, delivered the check in person.

            Here is the great part. The following summer, my wife and I took a cruise through Royal Carribean, we are sitting on the deck next to a couple with a FDNY t-shirt on. YES it was the chief I talked to, the one who was on TV talking to the reporter. He said the splats we heard in the background were, yes, your right. All 4 of us sat there with tears in our eyes and had a great vacation with our new friends.

            Sorry if I bored any of you with this but living only a few hours away in Pa, it touches my heart every time it is mentioned.

            What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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              well dispite I was only about the age of 8 when this happened I heard it on the radio on the way to school that morning, when I heard about it they had no idea what it was where we were at what it was they thought it was was a bomb. Even at my age I knew it was more serious that it seemed and later found out it was. To those who lost their lives that day, with this thread we should remember and honor them.


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                I was working in the fab shop on a powerplant in Mississippi when it happened. They shut the job down early that day. I still remember my foreman asking me what I thought about it and responded I thought we might have just seen the beginning or world war three. In real life he is a history teacher and agreed with me. I was an army intel analyst and knew who Osama was long before most had ever heard of him.

                HMW, from my observation most don't even realize what those who serve give them. When I made a comment about a certain musician (not the dixie chicks, but boy did that cost them, lol) and her thoughts on the military and war one of my college professors told me that's why we have free speech. I informed her that 8 years in the army gave me the right to think she is a dumba$$. Some don't deserve the freedoms they have.

                I am amazed by how many do not understand that these people want to kill us simply because of our freedom, and make the whole world into the Taliban version of Afghanistan.

                I don't guess there is anyone who can't tell you exactly what they were doing when they got the news about the towers. I used to be amazed as a kid with the clarity my grandparents had in recalling where they were and what they were doing when they got the news about Pearl Harbor. But with this and certain other events I now understand.
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                  I informed her that 8 years in the army gave me the right to think she is a dumba$$. Some don't deserve the freedoms they have

                  ha ha ha, Your right. The same right she has to feel that way also gives us the right to think shes a dumba$$ Most people dont realize we have been fighting various wars on terrioism since we became a nation. Couple hundred years now, and we're still free to "think" and "say" as we feel. Its not new. Ever heard of the Barbary wars??. If not, please read up on it you'll understand alot better about today. We tried to pay our way out of that and it didn't work just as it wouldnt work today. We had to make them understand the hard way unfortunatly.

                  Sorry for the off welding topic, I learned alot about history in the Marines [they actually teach it] Our schools don't teach it right. We would be smart to look history
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