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    I wanted to add a vise to my trailer but be able to move from one side to the other. So I got two 8" recievers and welded one on each side. I cut a piece of diamond plate 9" square - mounted the vise on it - then added 2" square tubing - cut and welded at a 45 deg. angle - so I can easily remove and use on either side of trailer.
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    Vice attachment

    Good idea, I've made one that goes in the receiver of my van and made arms to hold the materials while I work. I made several top plates for it so that I can use my vice, bench top drill press, bench grinder, tube bender etc... Makes working on site so much easier. Dave
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      Nice job, I'd hate to mess the paint up on that nice trailer
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        Thats all-right I got a Lowes about two milles from the house and I do believe they have plenty of glossy black spray paint. "I HOPE"


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          Nice work! Do you find that receivers provide a tight enough fit for you, or do you modify it to make it a snug fit? Most that I have used aren't very precision, there's a bit o' slop in them. Fine for pulling a trailer, but if you're using a tool on it, it could be maddening? Just curious.


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            Stick a 5/8 bolt through it instead of a pin and crank it down. I even do it on my hitch (self locking of course). It eliminates all the banging and slamming around.
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