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Decorative Iron Suppliers - Toronto/Hamilton Area

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  • Decorative Iron Suppliers - Toronto/Hamilton Area

    Can anybody suggest the names of Decorative Iron Suppliers in the Toronto area? When I Google (I've googled and googled) I get a million hits for 'finished product' suppliers, but I've only found 1 (YWB), which is way the other side of the city and I can't believe he supplies the whole area (its a small shop, too)

    I am almost finished a deck and now I have to weld up the railings.

    Any suggestions?

    I am on the west side ...


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    I get my supplies from a company called Texas Metal Industries. which has a location just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

    Theres another company called King Archetectural Metals.

    For Higher end materials there is the (Wagoner Companies )

    I'm not surprised that you dont have a big ware house. Youll have to find a little fab shop that stocks a little inventory is your best chance.