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New Dynasty 300 Owner, Help!

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  • SundownIII

    The best guy for info on the Dynasty 300 was KBFabrications. He no longer posts on this board for a number of reasons.

    I would post the question for him on the ShopFloorTalk board (

    I'm sure he can help you out.

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  • robbielee
    Guest started a topic New Dynasty 300 Owner, Help!

    New Dynasty 300 Owner, Help!

    I've been stick and MIG welding for decades. Most of my welding in the last few years has been modifying motorcycle gas tanks. I've been MIG welding them, epoxy puddy over the weld on the outside and Kreem sealer on the inside. The tanks don't leak but that's just too much work on every tank. So I just bought a Dynasty 300 Demo from the local dealer ($4,500) complete with new warrenty. The Dynasty manual gives two "Typical GTAW Set-ups", one for 1/4" aluminum and one for 1/8" SS. Neither one of those are even close to what I need, a 16 guage overlaping 20 guage steel set-up. Is anybody aware of more typical set-ups for the Dynasty line?

    Thanks for any guideance you can provide.