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I made a little girl cry today

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  • Stomper
    what they said. You are good people!

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  • mikesparks
    geat job and it was a tear jerker

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  • jweller
    Anything I say is gonna sound cheap or like a hallmark card, but what the heck. Thank goodness for people like you. If everyone took the time to do more things like this, the world wouldn't be such a mess

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  • dkochan
    You are truly one of the great ones. Well done.


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  • lanceman73
    Good Dude!

    Sweet of you! Now, I'll have to help someone. You gave me a welding bon'r.

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  • J. Strunck
    Kind Act

    You Sir, are good in my book..


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  • folmonty
    Solid guy

    Originally posted by dabar39 View Post
    Thanks for the kind words from all of you, I'll tell you what, just watching that little girls face light up and the beaming glow that surrounded her face not only made my day but has got to be the highlight so far this year. Thanks for letting me share it with you, Dave
    Dave, I'm new around here but after reading this post I'm obviously in some very good company. Everyone else has said it well enough but my hats off to ya.

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  • krackle
    The world needs more people like you... I am sure you have some great luck coming your way.

    And to think, I was ready to let you have it when I read the title of this thread...

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  • Burnt hands
    Good deeds - keep them alive

    It is so refreshing and heartwarming to read dabar39's story about helping a little 6 year girl.

    I was also blessed to be able to help a neighbor.

    About 2 years ago an occupational therapist knocked on my door and asked if I might be able to help with a small design project.
    Turned out that my neighbor's baby girl, Ellie was in a cast and needed a more comfortable way to sit on her baby seat.
    I went over and when I looked at her, I had a hard time not crying. She was in a spica cast (you can look this up on the web).
    The neighbor who has 2 other children, wondered if I could cut and modify a plastic swing seat so Ellie would be more
    comfortable since the spica or hip cast made sitting very difficult.
    Her occupational therapist said that she could make any special clothing and add padding that might be needed to
    accomodate the modified seat assembly.

    I told them that it would be easier for me to build a metal frame than to modify a plastic swing seat.

    Ellie's needs are simple - all she needed was a seat to keep her upright for feeding and also playing with her toys.
    It would also be nice if the seat had wheels to move her around the house.

    Through all of her operations and hospital visits, Ellie never cried or complained.

    When I got home, I resolved to make a stable, easy to use chair with wheels which would make my neighbor's life a little easier.
    The hardest part was trying to weld with tears welling up in my eyes.

    Took a vacation day so I could work out a design and brought a prototype over that evening for a rough fitting and to test the concept out.

    Total time was about 30 hours of design and fabrication all told but the funny thing is that it seemed to me that I finished it the next day,

    The frame is 3/8" stainless rod and the seat back and tray support pieces are made from polyethylene cutting boards.
    All metal parts are stainless as I wanted parts that could be wiped down with alcohol and was, if needed, dishwasher safe.
    Wheels are from a microwave cart and can be removed for cleaning.
    The tray and support table use velcro to allow for removal and adjustment.
    Also the tray support swings down to allow access for placing Ellie in and strapping her down.
    Since I can't even sew a button on a shirt, it was a blessing that the occupational therapist was able to make the cushions and padding for the seat assembly.
    She even made a seat belt to keep Ellie safe.
    My neighbor sent me a check but I have kept it locked away so as not to hurt her feelings.
    I told her that all I want is to see Ellie walk and play with her siblings and I also mentioned that Ellie's stroller comes with a lifetime guarantee and
    unlimited modifications at no charge.

    Ellie will have a hard enough time and I am so glad that I was able to help in a small way.
    This was truly a labor of love for me.

    Plus I got to weld !

    Please keep up the good deeds !
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  • Laiky
    Thank You Dabar and Vicegrip

    Took your advice today....

    Living in the NYC area i am rarely motivated to stop and help anybody. I was in Jericho Long Island today so i figured it was OK.

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  • 08Welder
    good job

    People like you are what gives us hope in a world going in a bad direction.
    You make us all proud

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  • Milton
    dammit , now you made me cry .

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  • Vicegrip
    To often we see and hear only the bad stuff. Good things happen one on one all around and it is not hard at all to be a part. Pick your best skills and lend them out now and then to someone that will benefit from them in mutiples. I have to admit I spent less time working on someones broken AC than I have spent watching a bad movie I have seen before because I was too lazy to get up off my azz and the remote was across the room.

    Dave's good hearted actions rang true to a long held axiom of mine.

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  • NewMexSmoke
    Kind of helps restore my faith in humanity which has been sagging of late.

    Well done.

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  • tnjind
    Vicegrip, I will hold you in the same class as Dabar, Who I admire for his "decentness" (sorry for the spelling)

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