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I made a little girl cry today

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    Very well said Jason. Dave, I just wanted to say thank you. Your simple gesture has had a much bigger impact than you know. I have been stuck in camp for a while now, away from the wife and kids and just reading your post put me in a hundred times better mood. It is too easy to forget the bigger picture sometimes and your reminder of how people should act was muchly appreciated.


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      I commend you for your deed. it serves as a example to each one of us as to how we should act.



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        Well Done Dave!

        You said you wanted to hear similar stories, and while I've not personally run into the opportunity to do much more than help a blind man cross the street or tote an old womans groceries to her car a time or two, I did witness something that fits the category.

        We were changing out a cooling tower on a 300' building downtown. Had the streets blocked off and many people and trucks and such. Tallest rig we could get and still be on rubber so as not to tear up the asphalt couldn't quite reach where the sections had to live, so there was a bit of downtime for the hook as we skidded them into place.

        Down at the end of the block was a woman with two boys maybe 6 and 8 years old who had been standing at the barricades watching the goings on for quite some time. I saw one of the riggers go to his truck and get two hard hats and walk down there and after talking to Mom for a moment came back with the two kids in tow. (an insurance mans nightmare I know, but there was zero activity on the ground at the time) He walked them around and showed all the parts and tools to them and then took each in turn on his lap into the cab for the operators view. All the guys were shaking their hands and giving them stickers for their hard hats, and I don't think either kids feet touched the ground as he walked them back to Mom when it was time for the next pick.

        I betcha both kids wore those brain buckets to school that next Monday. And I wouldn't be surprised if one or both are apprentices in a trade right now.

        Thanks Dave. Your story reminded me of this one, and it still makes me smile!


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          nourider, Great story. It's great when we can take the time to brighten some kids day. Thanks for bringing this back up to the top and maybe we can get a few more stories added to this thread. Dave
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            That's the sort of thing that helps ya get into Heaven.....

            "Gone are the days of wooden ships, and Iron men.
            I doubt we'll see either of their likes again".

            Circa 1920.
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              Little girl

              Hey dabar, just read your story about the little girl and all I have to add is YOU ARE THE WEDLOR MAN OF THE MONTH:: Like I said in another post ther are some very good weldor's still out in the world we live in,THANKS MAN AAWWSSOOMMEE.
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                Kind Deed

                Outstanding, what a noble gesture!

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                  Awesome! Just Awesome! I knew you were a nice guy from the forum, but that is above and beyond.

                  I vote for a Miller Freebie! Maybe a 350P? I'de settle for a new Digital Elite Ehem, Ehem!
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                    You've just helped me as well... you helped restore my respect for my fellow man.
                    The world has become such a rushed place. Isn't it ironic that we have all of these comforts in life that make living so much easier but each year we seem to have less and less time?
                    Someone else in this thread said it very well when they said "It's always the simple things in life that make us the most happy."
                    Good job!!!
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                      Good job sir.

                      I think along a credit principle. Think of a credit card. Every time someone does me some kindness it is a charge on my card Every time I do some kindness it is a payment on my bill. Stay in the black and don't carry a balance if you can and you will do well. It matter not that the person that you did good for does good back. Tit for tat risks harboring resentment. Having material skills has always been good for this for me. (I did a small amount of work that had a good impact on some people a while back using my skills) I mention this only to bring a point. If I had donated $50 or even $100 to a charity that sends me mail all the time they would have not felt it one way or the other and likely spent most of it sending me more junk mail asking for more. Being skilled with our hands and tools affords us opportunities to do directed and high impact good that many others do not have.

                      Again, good work. BZ. (Service brats know the lingo too)
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                        Well said and well done Vicegrip! you make a very good point. something i will keep in mind the next time an oppertunity arises.
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                          Well done goes to the original poster. This is his thread and his good deed done. Mine was to simply make the point that we have skills and tools that make other peoples big problems small in our hands. I know that I have more skill than money right now.
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                            Vicegrip, I will hold you in the same class as Dabar, Who I admire for his "decentness" (sorry for the spelling)


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                              Kind of helps restore my faith in humanity which has been sagging of late.

                              Well done.
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                                To often we see and hear only the bad stuff. Good things happen one on one all around and it is not hard at all to be a part. Pick your best skills and lend them out now and then to someone that will benefit from them in mutiples. I have to admit I spent less time working on someones broken AC than I have spent watching a bad movie I have seen before because I was too lazy to get up off my azz and the remote was across the room.

                                Dave's good hearted actions rang true to a long held axiom of mine.
                                Weekend wannab racer with some welders.