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    After a year or research, on the smaller bandsaws, I decided to go with a U.S. made Wellsaw Model 57. I got it off ebay for 350.00 with no motor. After adding an older bullitproof shopsmith motor, and a custom hyraulic downfeed, it has had very little attention other then new blades in the last 5 years. Parts are a phone call away in Michigan (always a live person). Lots of the chinese saws have gearbox issues (bone dry, full of shavings Etc.) and allignment problems (Hinge casted off center). Some are better then others, but its still a gamble on what you finally get out of the box. The yahoo 4x6bandsaw group has loads of info in the chinese saws. the Jet and Grizzly are on the high end, as harbor freight and northern tool on the low end. All come from the same factory, just painted different colors and different tollerances requested from the buyer. Its the same as always, you get what you pay for. I am not knocking the china saws, there are loads of happy people that have them. just expect to do some mods (rule # 1 throw the blade away and get a decent one), and tweaking before you get a decent cutting saw. After musical blade types for a year , I now only use MK Morse blades 10/14 bimetal, they last about a year (I do light fabrication when I am able). Lastly there is such a thing as "blade break in". This will make the difference between a few weeks, and a year of single blade use. I have not used my Milwaukee chopsaw since I got the bandsaw. Hope this is usable info.
    Thisis a picture of the model I currantly use. Wrench.
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