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Baby gets a new trash rack

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  • Baby gets a new trash rack

    The scraper rolled over and wipe out the trash rack. First two pictures are the salvageable parts ready to go. The rest are filling in the gaps and installing.
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    hey Steve,

    that looks great. man in the fineshed picture you cant even tell it was ever repaired . you did a good job. . I like what you did
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with all of us

    I also like the American flag hanging in your shop. . we have a big one in our shop also.

    ........ Richard


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      The flag used to fly on the twin jaw crusher. As we don't handle crushing anymore the crew packed all the stuff in their van. Found it waded up and tossed in a box of misc stuff. I felt so sad it wasn't put away properly so washed it and hung it up from the hoist beam. Been there ever since. During the working season if it isn't moving dirt it isn't making money so was told to throw the rack together, get it out the door we'll make it look good in the off season. After three days of working on it I won't have to see it again in the fall and my employer is happy as a clam on the beach at high tide. Thanks for looking.
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